New Artistic Realms: Experience Robert Kohlhuber's Motion Art Collection

Robert Kohlhuber's unique and exciting archive of Motion Art clips can be explored via Bridgeman Images.


An innovative video artist and photographer from Austria, Robert Kohlhuber is always searching for new and unexpected sources of artistic inspiration.


Robert Kohlhuber, a multidisciplinary experimental artist, photographer, and filmmaker, is one of Bridgeman Images' motion artists. Passionate about abstracts, microscopic worlds, infrared, and 3D, his work has been licensed by Spotify and various smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, and vivo. Through his photography, Kohlhuber invites viewers to explore art from a fresh perspective, showcasing abstract glass structures and holographic light refractions.


Discover this distinctive collection of footage, which combines several conventional artistic mediums to create a new and exciting array of artwork. Intrigued by the manipulation of shape and forms within abstract photos, Robert Kohlhuber was inspired to experiment beyond traditional artistic boundaries. The footage is captured using a magnifying lens, offering viewers a chance to experience art details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Colourful inks in oil / Private Collection / Robert Kohlhuber / Bridgeman Images

What is Motion Art?

  • Motion Art is defined as the use of visual techniques, such as photography, to manipulate shape, form and colour creating an exciting illusion. 
  • Introducing movement within art encourages a more visual experience for the viewer.

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Furthermore our Motion Art collection offers the possibility for:

  • The opportunity to use exclusive content within your projects.
  • Unique and exciting footage can be used within advertisement campaigns.
  • Over 1,500 clips to choose from to ensure you find the perfect clip. 
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